THE Pros and Cons of ATVs

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ATVs or four-wheelers, are definitely beneficial to anyone who travels off-road for work, hunting or simply enjoys the countryside. Unfortunately they’re getting a bad reputation due to careless usage and a sometimes lack of courtesy and respect by a few users.

These handy small vehicles can be hauled in the bed of a truck or on a small trailer behind a truck ready to transport you off road to the road,across the fields or in the woods in a minute’s notice. How helpful this is for an elderly or individual with some physical handicap who might not have the endurance level of the childhood. For these individuals, ATVs create a jaunt through the forests that would otherwise be a fond memory an actuality.

Unfortunately, as with the majority of inventions there’s a downside. Where 4-wheelers give freedom of movement to people who might be limited in motion, they also give trespassers up a leg on landowners.

Imagine the shock when a property owner finds out that four-wheelers or ATVs have designated a portion of his property as a principal thoroughfare. Many farms and homesteads include creeks and streams which have weekend destinations for ages. They were prior to the 4-wheelers moved in.

Many children and adults alike ignore the fact that in some countries there’s a public waterways law. This is a law which states that any individual that rides a motorized vehicle within the bed of any public waterway without written consent given by the landowner is breaking the law and might be punished.

The disturbance of streambeds and banks is illegal also. An enjoyable weekend snacking throughout the creek beds carries a countless toll on juvenile fish and invertebrates that may take several years to overcome.

Then there’s always the use and misuse of alcohol. There are lots of underage drivers who believe there are no speeding tickets or DUIs while driving on private land or in the forests. This isn’t to say that using any mind altering impairing substance is a fantastic idea when managing a piece of machinery by anybody, but young people with less experience tend to make more mistakes in decision as a whole. Get alcohol involved and things really can get dangerous. There are lots of famous cases of underage riders as young as thirteen being apprehended hauling coolers filled with beer. If a driver is caught carrying crystal methamphetamine when riding a streambed, this may cause a hunt and a felony conviction.

Young drivers often make the mistake of using their household ATV or bike to ride on public streets. They believe that is a way to begin driving before reaching the legal age. Needless to say, there’s very few times in such a scenario the ATV rider comes out nicely.

If you have an ATV and have kids at home, it will be in their best interests that you review the instructions for them concerning their legal and safe use. Do not wait for the police to come knocking on your door to get this conversation.

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